Peugeots and Elves


Yesterday morning, my muscles greeted me with a fond, “Hello! We haven’t seen you in a while!”  They were right. It’s been a long winter in the northern hemisphere.

Sometime in November I was in decent shape. Then it got cold, and dark, and I got busy, and, and, and…the list goes on for a while.

Now I am training, so that I can train for a marathon. The novelty is starting to wear off like dollar store lipstick. The truth is that it is hard to get up at 5:15 every day—especially with this lingering winter. My muscles are stiff in the morning, and I’d rather stay snuggled under my feather blanket.

It was cold and gray yesterday. When I finally ran out of distractions, I put on the Supersuit. I had made up my mind to run outside, whether there were hurricanes or blizzards. As I tied my shoes, a bright light shone through the windows. It wasn’t an alien spacecraft. It was the actual sun. I ran out the door, literally.

It was a good, hilly run. I saw one tractor, one car pulling a horse trailer, and one little Peugeot, in which the occupants laughed and pointed at me. I think they were admiring my Supersuit.

I dug in and plunged ahead. I wanted to tackle the short, steep hill in front of me. Let me tell you, I felt proud getting to the top, though the hill was not nearly as short as it had appeared.

Because I wanted to add an extra mile to my run, I pressed on. A small brook gurgled next to the tree-lined path. Birds were fluttering about. I pictured myself as a female version of Legolas. Yes, I could run to the ends of Middle Earth! There and back again, as they say!

When I hit the half-way point, I turned around to head home. At that moment, my fantasy world collapsed as I faced the half-mile hill I had unwittingly descended. Maybe the Elves of the Woodland Realm wouldn’t adopt me, just yet.

I tried to not  look at my watch, with the completely inaccurate heart rate monitor. Instead, I focused on keeping good form. That way, even if my time was less than spectacular,  I would look fast to people driving Peugeots.


Miles: 4

Terrain: Mostly pavement with some gravel. This is a run with lots of hills; very few portions have level ground. It was windy, but I didn’t feel it was trying to physically remove me from the earth. The sun was fantastic (while it lasted). No injuries, aches or pains to report.

Overall feeling: Ganz toll!


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