Fast, Family


What did we do over the holidays?

We baked goodies, snacked, baked more goodies, feasted, ate leftovers, and gained at least ten pounds. Well…only some of us gained ten pounds.

We did enough eating to last an entire year, which is part of the reason we began the new year with a fast.

To kick off the new healthy-eating lifestyle, the adults in the family went 24 hours without eating anything. By the end of it, we were thrilled with our dinner of potatoes and broccoli. The complete fast truly made us appreciate the rabbit food we are now eating.

In all honesty, it feels great to purge the clogged cupboards. There are many scary things in industrial food, and I feel better simply taking a few steps away from it.

So even though I currently cannot eat gluten without getting sick, I am also avoiding meat, dairy (for a little while), refined sugars, high-fructose corn poison, and any oils that can stick to my arteries.

Even though we didn’t force the kids to fast with us, they did give up certain foods for a few days; and since their mini-fast ended, I’ve seen them reaching for healthier alternatives. By having healthy snacks on hand (and by pitching the junk) the kids will be healthier too.

It seems so simple.

I’ve had some glorious successes, such as the gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free blueberry-banana pancakes; and I’ve had some failures, like the garlic-tofu-mashed potatoes, but the challenge has been fun.

This week, our family has eaten a lot of things that are unusual to us–eggplant, butternut squash, soy milk & red lentils. And I’m finding that in order to eat better, I have to plan better, which is not always easy for me.

Though I love wearing aprons (I have one for cooking & one for cleaning), I’ve never thought of myself as the “meal-planner” type. Just saying “meal-planner” brings to mind June Cleaver.

But with 4 growing kids and this newfound desire to eat whole foods, I might advise Webster to slap a new picture next to the term “meal-planner.” Gone are the high-heels & pearls; in are the barefoot trail shoes & yoga pants.

Now that my kids are learning about nutrition through real-life example, rather than some phantom mom in my imagination, the majority of my children want to eat better (though one young mac & cheese addict is hopeless); and all of the kids are starting to exercise on their own accord.

The younger kids beg & plead with me nightly to lead them in simple weight lifting; and Noah (my only runner) wants to do a 5k with me this spring. We already began training.

It is a new year, full of new possibilities.

And we’re off to a fast start!

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