The Houseguest


This week’s houseguest has more dietary constraints than I do, which, being gluten-free and (mostly) Vegan, is no small feat. 

And every morning, before I can even grab a cup of coffee, she makes me take a look at the guinea pig AND the rabbit. I assure her that it’s okay for rodents to be in the house, but because she’s from a vastly different culture, it’s a difficult concept for her to understand.

Some things get lost in translation.

The really great thing about her, however, is that when I wake her up at 5:30 am to run (before breakfast–which I DON’T do with ALL house guests), she smiles and cheerfully dashes to the door–I’ve already learned to put my shoes on BEFORE I wake her.

Yes, she is sloppy when she drinks, and I find her hair in strange places (like on the birthday balloons strung from the ceiling), but she is so congenial, I can’t help but want to adopt her.

One of the things I admire about her is her love for running. She puts her entire self into a run, and she seems like the type who would run until she dropped, which fortunately has not happened yet.

She likes to run ahead of me, but she always stops and waits, no matter how long it takes me to catch up. And while it’s hard for her to go slowly at the outset of a run, (or if we see a rabbit), by the end, we run side-by-side, enjoying the sunrise over the gorgeous German countryside.

I know that our houseguest misses her real family, and they will be back for her soon, but we would keep her if we could.

I wonder if she has a sister?


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