Because Every Field Needs Good Internet


I can safely say that Deutsche Telekom does not discriminate. Regardless of species, whether corn, sugar beet, or stubble where wheat used to be, the farm fields are now getting internet.

I know, it’s about time.

I have lived in this lovely house in Franconia for 6 1/2 years, and for all but the past six months, I have been able to call our location, “The Technological Black Hole of Germany.”

While we have had dial-up (for which we had to pay someone twice–once for basic installation–and a second time in cash to do it right), it was that particular brand of internet that had many unconventional services speedier internet providers did not offer, such as coffee and laundry.

All you had to do was click to connect, then go and brew a pot of coffee, throw in a load of wash, come back with your fresh mug of coffee, sit down and pray that nobody had turned on the printer, which would naturally make your computer freeze up,thereby forcing you to start the process over.

The only bright side of the re-start was that it would give you time for a shower.

About six months ago someone at Vodaphone had the brilliant idea to offer wireless internet to rural areas (a desperate market). And I didn’t even have to offer my firstborn son in exchange. We paid a small fee (at the Vodaphone store, not to the guy who came to our door selling WiFi boxes out of the back of his van), plugged in our box and voila! our house was wired.

I can now do things like upload AND download videos without visibly aging.

I used to laugh when people asked if we had Skype; now my kids have video conferences with classmates and friends around the world.

With all of this post-traumatic stress from years of dial-up, you can imagine my chagrin when on a beautiful sunrise run, I happened upon Deutsche Telekom’s yellow KABEL tape strewn alongside and empty field.

I am sure the rabbits and deer will be Tweeting about this as they upload videos of crazy runners to youtube.

Technological Black Hole of Germany, no more!


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  1. I am laughing as I read this. Your story is even better/worse than our early experiences with computers and internet…but that was 15 years ago!!!! You have come a long way, baby! Keep writing, you keep us laughing or feeling..and thinking.

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