Digital Christmas Card


I love getting real Christmas Cards in the mail, and I am sorry that I didn’t get a single one sent out this year. But I am hoping that when our winter travels are over, I will have an awesome ‘Happy New Year’ card for you. You should expect those around Valentine’s Day.

Christmas is about to change radically for the Wellman family (see my post ‘Adventure for Christmas‘ on Uncommon Childhood), and honestly, I am still a little scared about doing things differently. If the kids DO get any tangible presents, they will be ones that can fit into a backpack. While this Christmas will be different from any we’ve had thus far, when this season comes to a close, our family will have some great stories to share.

The season has nothing to do with elves and trees and gifts, but it is a day we remember that the Creator of the Universe came to earth, taking on human flesh, so that we might be pulled out of the darkness. That is a reason to celebrate!

Now, take a walk with me down a snowy memory lane, as we take a peek at Christmases past.

Love and blessings to you!



About Keri

Writer, runner, gluten-free cook, solar-powered wife and roadschooling mama of four fantastic young gypsies, Keri enjoys exploring Europe from her home base in rural Germany.

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  1. I love old fashion Christmas cards as much as the next woman but this card/slide show is marvelous and beautiful and has tons of of the “Awwww” factor. Thanks you, Keri.

    Merry Christmas and have a memorable, wonderful safe Christmas adventure.

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