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I do believe in evil, and evil showed itself at this year’s Boston marathon. I know that in our current age, each viewpoint is supposed to be equally valid. But that is nonsense in light of events such as this. I know no sane person who can say that killing or maiming others is simply an alternate expression of one’s self.


There are no fuzzy corners on evil: it is a sharp as a sword and would cut the good things to pieces given the chance.

Don’t tell me (in irony) there are no absolutes, because evil is one of them.

However, however, however, however…

…there IS Good.

And Good is also absolute.

We cannot recognize the face of evil unless we have already seen good.

Good is programmed into the human conscience, provided we have honest enough eyes to see it and courage enough to act upon it.

Envy, malice, murder, strife: the list of evil things could go on for pages.

Love, joy, self-sacrifice, peace: these things are good, and they are from God.

There is no other suitable explanation.

My prayers are with the Boston marathon victims and the families–that they will once again experience good, even when faced with evil.


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  1. Good article, Keri. What scares and saddens me is the complete lack of value placed on human life by these socio/psychopaths! Some of the perps. are insane, some are just haters, others are seeking revenge…but none of them value human life.

    We send love to you and your family from here in the Heartland.

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