Wienerschnüzzelstrassen AKA Cauliflower-Spinach ‘Mashed Potatoes’

I should have known that Dr. Joel Fuhrman, in his book Eat for Health, would ONLY share recipes that taste good. So, after sampling the delicious cauliflower-spinach ‘mashed potatoes,’ I served them to the family.

The only problem, as was debated by my cherubs around the dinner table, was that the name of the meal was rather unimaginative, so, they came up with some alternatives.

Yes, I am well aware that Wienerschnüzzelstrassen, in German, literally translates into ‘Viennese Schnüzzel Roads.’ And though I am a hopeless Amerikanerin, I am also well aware that Schnüzzel are not found in Germany, but rather, the word ‘Schnüzzel’ is derived from an obscure language only found in the uttermost regions of my teenage son’s head.

I selected the name because it A) had nothing to do with Optimus Prime, and B) sounded more appetizing than Spinach Sludge.

I love cookbooks, though I rarely follow them. So if you want the ‘real’ recipe with the dull-sounding name, you’ll have to buy Dr. Fuhrman’s book.

The Wienerschnüzzelstrassen recipe is my adaptation.

The Raw Materials

1 huge head fresh cauliflower, steamed (this is enough for a skeptical family of 6)

3 cloves of garlic, pressed and steamed with the cauliflower

2-4 cups baby spinach (depending on your taste buds)

1/2 cup raw cashew butter (see instructions for making your own)

Almond milk (or Soy or Rice milk, as needed)

1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional, as I just at this moment realized the recipe called for it–tastes fine if you forget it too!)

The Raw Cashew Butter

I had purchased an overpriced little jar at the organic store, only to realize it had a bunch of oil added. Thus, I got brave and made my own. I don’t have a fancy, schmancy nut-butter-maker (though I admit being a teensy bit jealous of those who own such contraptions), so I made mine the old-fashioned way–in the food processor.

Seriously Raw Materials

2 cups cashews (NOT salted or roasted…CHECK the ingredients: if they contain anything other than cashews, like salt or oil, put them back on the shelf!)

1 cup water, as needed

1/4 cup dates, pitted

1 1/2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice (or to taste). I simply squeezed half a lemon into mine.

Making the ‘Butter’

Toss cashews & dates into the food processor, and then listen to jokes by your 13 year-old daughter about having too many dates.

Using the ‘S’ blade, pulse and add half the water and the lemon juice. Keep pulsing, stopping to scrape down the sides (and to taste & adjust ingredients) as necessary.

The butter should begin to roll up into a ball. You can add more liquid to make it creamier, if necessary. Eventually it will look like a grainy sort of peanut butter. Continue to process until the cashews have all been de-chunkified.

Then, try not to eat it all before using in your Wienerschnüzzelstrassen recipe.

The Grand Design

Steam the cauliflower WITH the garlic, and if you are a multi-tasker, let it steam while you make the nut butter. When the cauliflower is steamed (about 8-10 minutes), drain, and press out as much moisture as possible. I put mine in a strainer, and mashed it down with a big spoon.

Place spinach in the steamer until it is just barely wilted, and set aside.

Process cauliflower/garlic and cashew butter in food processor with ‘S’ blade, until you have reached creamy, smooth perfection. If the mixture is too thick, add a small amount of almond milk (or other milk substitute).

Add nutmeg, if you happen to remember it exists.

Fold in the wilted spinach.

For best results, serve hot, without telling your family what it actually contains. They will like it better that way and may even ask for seconds!

Guten Appetit!

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